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Cuento Corto Games is a dream come true. A dream that bonds together three cousins in their 30´s under one goal: dedicate their lives to their childhood passion: video games, consoles and table-top RPG´s.

Chilean-based, and founded in 2021, Cuento Corto Games focuses in two main directions: developing educative games to be used inside the classroom, and bringing chilean myths and legends to life through the magic of video games.

We believe in…

bringing • stories • to life

Play and be amazed

Fun • games • Creativity

In Cuento Corto Games we believe in the power of compelling stories, powerful characters and emotions brought to life. We believe in telling a story so beautifully that we hope you will feel a part of it. We believe in unveiling a tale so wonderfully that we hope you will be wanting for more.

We believe that video games invite to collaborate, compete and work collectively for a purpose. They enhance creativity, social relations, outside-the-box thinking and a sense of community. And last but not least, they encourage kids and adults alike to discover, to be creative, to go beyond and to understand that imagination has no limits!


Our Team

talent • dreams • creativity

A unique team for a unique Company

crazy • about • games

Our team is a surreal blend of talents and crafts, which combined are a perfect combination to create and design video games. History, engineer, art and architecture are just a sample of what we are and what we bring to the table in order to develop great ideas at service of video games.

Manuel Píriz

CFO and UC Engineer with a Finance Master from ESADE. Lvl 5 Ranger

Benjamín Píriz

UC Journalist and craft gamer. Lvl 6 Human Rogue

Chito Piriz

CEO. Storyteller and Master in Medieval History from King´s College London. Dungeon Master

Carlos Semper

Lead Artist. Inacap Graphic Designer, Lvl 6 Half-Elf Bard

Martín León

2D/3D Animator. University of Chile Architect. Lvl 5 Dwarf Warrior

Martín Vidal

Lead Programmer. UC Engineer, Lvl 6 Human Paladin

The Magic Top – El Trompo Mágico

Education • Learning • Gamification

Play and Learn

Learning • through • Gamification

We believe that learning can, and should be, FUN! Studies show that playing games, and especially video games, is one of the greatest and most rewarding ways to learn and connect with knowledge. In the digital age, video games are the number one entertainment industry, and education is the next FRONTIER.

We have developed a Platform/APP which connects students and teachers through educational video games. Teachers receive automatically the results and data from their students…and kids play and learn at the same time!

Wanna play? Click on any of our video game´s banners and it will take you to our demos in Unity Play! Have fun and learn!

Inara and the Balance of the Island

ARPG• Mythology • Fantasy

The Legend of Chiloé has begun

Play • Discover • Learn

Inara and the Balance of the Island is an ARPG-Metroidvania video game based on the mythology and legends of the great and mystical island of Chiloé, in Chilean Patagonia.

Inara, which in the language of the mapuche people means guardian of the water, is a girl living in a coastal town of Chiloé. Unaware of the hidden forces of the island, when his father goes missing, she begins an amazing journey through every corner of the land to find his whereabouts, only to realize that she is the key in the eternal war between La Cofradía, the Witchers of the Island, and the fantastic creatures which live beyond our reality.

Wanna play our Demo? Click on the upper banner and test Inara and The Balance of the Island first chapter: A Fisherman´s Village!